Pain to Purpose!

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone Hello to my butterfly beauties! When I first began my blog, I shared my testimony of how I survived my childhood issues, and I thank God for that! God gave me a vision, a snapshot of myself over 25 years ago that never left me. I… Continue reading Pain to Purpose!

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Life Lessons

"Because He is the Best Teacher" "4 Bible Verses That Taught me Extremely Important Life Lessons" by Elijah White I believe life is all about learning from experience, trial and error. Today I am sharing an interesting article about one man's journey through difficult times and his experience with life lessons. Everyone has that one… Continue reading Life Lessons

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Fighting Fear

Fear is an natural emotion we all face in our lives. However, in some cases fear paralyzes us, making us too afraid to pursue our purpose. Do not let fear rob or hinder you of your God given rights! We were all created for a unique purpose in life. Only you can do what God… Continue reading Fighting Fear