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You Are A Queen!

Queenology “Raising Women to Queen Consciousness” ...RCB As I continue to study and research personal development, God continues to deliver! I came across Pastor Robert C. Blakes Jr’s. Videos on You Tube and it’s been such a pleasurable experience! Mr. Blakes has a powerful ministry of elevating women from brokenness to Queen Consciousness. Blakes has… Continue reading You Are A Queen!

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From Unforgiveness to Jesus!

"Being able to forgive those I hated has set me free!" By Mark Anthony Velez - Courtesy of Precious Testimonies I am humbled by the awesomeness of God.  He has placed key people at various stages in my life, which has brought me to this defining moment of victory in Christ Jesus.  It has been… Continue reading From Unforgiveness to Jesus!

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Meet Shamieka Dean!

The Queen of Restoration I love to hear the testimony of others of how they overcame a past problem or the experience of living in your purpose. I came across Shamieka Dean’s You Tube video on how she was basically forced into her purpose by getting fired from her job. And guess what…she’s been on… Continue reading Meet Shamieka Dean!

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From Broken to Jesus!

My Life Was Full of Broken Promises By: Cowboy - Courtesy of Precious Testimonies “Something happened to me...I became full of hate, bitterness and resentment” Hello my butterfly beauties! Today’s testimony is coming from “Cowboy”, sharing his story of how he overcame bitterness and resentment. This story is so touching, another good reminder of the… Continue reading From Broken to Jesus!

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God Is Love

"Loving Like Christ"♥ 1 John 4: 7-8 "Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love" As people of faith we should have an understanding… Continue reading God Is Love

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Life Lessons

"Because He is the Best Teacher" "4 Bible Verses That Taught me Extremely Important Life Lessons" by Elijah White I believe life is all about learning from experience, trial and error. Today I am sharing an interesting article about one man's journey through difficult times and his experience with life lessons. Everyone has that one… Continue reading Life Lessons

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Spiritual Death to Jesus!

Death to Life! Courtesy of Precious Testimonies Today’s story is being delivered directly from the words of beautiful Ms. Cathy Rodriquez. Please read her story as she shares her testimony of overcoming drug addiction and unbelief. I’ll start off by confessing that I never truly believed in Jesus Christ. I was raised in a Catholic family, and… Continue reading Spiritual Death to Jesus!