Great article about our perception!

Zoe Life Personal Life Consultant

When I’m talking about perceiving something. I’m really talking about our perception.  Perception defined means: a way of regarding, understanding or interpretating something; a mental impression or intuition, understanding, or insight. 

Often times we pay no attention to our perceptions. Our perceptions are usually our own personal insight, interpretation, and reality of how we mentally see, know and experience something. It’s not just based upon experiences or personal situations, but what we witness and experience around us and inside of us.  This is a lot is mental ground to cover. The problem though with perception is that it is usually judged upon our own unconscious memories and deep seated beliefs about who we are. Core beliefs are those quiet, unspoken things we believe about ourselves. While they can be negative and positive, we usually filter through the negative UNLESS we are intentional in renewing your mind. (ROM 12:2). 

If we…

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