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You Are A Queen!



“Raising Women to Queen Consciousness” …RCB

As I continue to study and research personal development, God continues to deliver! I came across Pastor Robert C. Blakes Jr’s. Videos on You Tube and it’s been such a pleasurable experience! Mr. Blakes has a powerful ministry of elevating women from brokenness to Queen Consciousness.

Blakes has a personal testimony of how God delivered him from being a “womanizer”, transforming him into the loving husband, father and Man God created him to be. Mr. R.C. Blakes transparently shares his story of how he was introduced to sex at an early age, creating a spirit of perversion in him. Blakes says that spirit caused him to fall short as a man, leaving a trail of broken women.

Today Pastor Blakes is free from the bondage and is now speaking LIFE into women, glory be to God! Blakes shares his experience and perspective on the damage of a broken woman. Pastor Blakes is on a mission, he’s the author of several books and hold conferences dedicated to the restoration of the Queen.

Mr. Blakes is married to the beautiful, Lisa Blakes whom he loves and honor with high esteem. Mrs. Blakes also shares her testimony of how she overcame her past. If you would like to learn more about this ministry please visit the website at


“A conscious Queen is Intentional, an unconscious Queen is reactive” …RCB

Watch Pastor Blakes on You Tube! His videos are educational, teaching various topics from a biblical perspective. I highly recommend subscribing to his channel! Please click on the link below to experience some of his thought provoking videos, trust me you will not be disappointed!

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