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From “Unloved” To Jesus!

 “Unloved” to Jesus!

Prescious Testimonies #408


Meet “Big Red”, a young man who shares his nightmarish childhood of how he overcame physical abuse. Mr. Red was brutally abused and tortured by the hands of his foster parents. These foster parents were cruel and unloving, making them to the pastor and first lady from hell!

Big Red was the oldest of his siblings, with a pimp and prostitute as their biological parents. Red and his siblings were abandoned in a crack house by their drug addicted parents. They ended up in the system going from one group home to next, ultimately landing in the home of where Red’s torture began.

“I was tortured everyday”

Big Red have painful memories of being locked up in his room, tied up, naked with an open window, freezing cold. Red experienced so much trauma in the home, he has issues with using hot water today.

The abuse was not limited to the foster parents, but by his peers as well. Big Red was bullied constantly by the kids in his neighborhood due to the color of his skin. The abuse of his foster parents finally ended when his teacher noticed the welts all over his body. The children were removed from the home immediately and the foster parents were arrested and sent to jail.

“My mother, in her 50’s still prostituting and using drugs”

Big Red’s biological parents were still living the street life during their middle aged years. His father would visit with them from time to time. It seems life couldn’t get any worse for Red, until the day he witnessed his brother get shot in the head, dying right before his eyes.

By the time Red became a young adult he was full of rage and anger. Big Red started a life of crime and drug use, spending five years in jail. During his time in jail he was mentored and seeds of healing was planted.


Red decided to take a chance on change! Big Red started going to church and fellow-shipping with other members, going through the healing process. Red found his purpose in body building and weight lifting. Today Red is giving back, helping others invest in their physical health!

Big Red and many others alike survived their past, now living emotionally healthy lives. Are you struggling with unresolved issues? It’s time to heal, let God transform you from the inside out so you can be that butterfly you are destined to be!


Watch Big Red’s testimony on You Tube, start at 1:32