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Soul Fast, The Heart

The Heart, Fasting from Toxic Emotionshealed heart

soul fast book

Author, Cassandra Mack

I have to say; this workbook is exceeding my expectations! Not that I had doubts, I just didn’t realize the depths of its value! I am working in the Heart section, fasting from toxic emotions.

This is so on time for my life right now, dealing with personal issues it’s been so instrumental! While going through my trials, God is supplying me with the tools and resources that I need to get through this season of my life…God is so good!

Have you ever found yourself having mental arguments with someone in your mind, long after the initial disagreement? I’m guilty! Do you know this can have a great impact on your emotional wellness?

“…toxic emotions are prolonged and persistent negative feelings that eat away at you mentally and emotionally; robbing you of your joy, peace of mind and your ability to enjoy everyday life and function well”…CM

This section of the workbook has brought awareness to this issue and is teaching me how to deal with it, and it’s so FREEING!!!single butterfly


Proverbs 4:23healed heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”

The Soul Fast Workbook gives you bible scriptures and practical tips on how to protect your heart from the dangers of toxic emotions. There is so much freedom in knowing there is hope in any situation, all you need to do is believe and receive!single butterfly

Thank you Jesus, for transforming me and showing me how to renew my mind!

single butterfly

Join me next time for the Counterproductive Choices section of the Soul Fast Workbook!



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