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From Heroin to Jesus!

Ms. Amby!


Meet adorable Amby, who went from heroin to Jesus! Amby share her struggles with heroin addiction and alcohol use. Amby chose to share her testimony to provide hope to others who struggle with similar issues. There is hope in every situation.

Amby started using drugs during her precious adolescent years, around 11 or 12 years old. This lifestyle began in the same typical fashion, disguised as fun just partying with her friends.

John 10:10

“…the thief came to steal, kill and destroy. I come so that you may have life, abundantly…”

Amby’s parents divorced during her adolescent years. Amby says her relationship with her dad was close. After the divorce she began drinking with her father, (I’m assuming this was his way of helping her cope with the divorce). This was the beginning of her downward spiral.

During high school Amby began dating a 17 y/o boy who was a heroin dealer. Amby started using heroin and developed a habit a few months later. The addiction escalated after her father committed suicide.

Amby eventually became homeless. She narrowly escaped death as she and her passengers were shot at over 70 times while driving her car. Her friend was not so fortunate, he was shot in the head and eventually died in her arms.

At this point Amby no longer wanted to live, her addiction continued for the next 11 years. She was arrested multiple times, accrued over 20 felonies, while abandoning her family, including her three children.

“But one day God picked me up”…Amby

Amby had family who loved her and wanted to help. One day Amby accepted her aunt’s invitation to church, this moment changed her life! Amby started a relationship with Jesus, finally filling that empty void!

“God restored my family” …Amby


Amby found peace in forgiveness, of herself and others. She went through the program that was offered through her church. Her family was restored, she went back to school, now working full-time while giving back by sharing her testimony!


Thank you, Amby for sharing your story! I am a firm believer that God uses broken people to help broken people. I hope this story is encouraging for those who struggle with addiction.

The truth is not all stories have a happy ending. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, all we have is today. Are you struggling with an addiction? Let God restore you, so you can live a life of purpose! Let go and live life! Glory be to God!

2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away…”

Watch Amby’s testimony on You Tube, start at 13:33



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