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From Prostitution to Jesus!

Meet Ms. Carol! Precious Testimonies #421 Carol come from a childhood of dysfunction, starting with her father going to prison when she was a toddler. Carol’s mother took on a job as an exotic dancer to help make ends meet. At the tender age of five, Carol was sexually abused by her step-father. From this… Continue reading From Prostitution to Jesus!

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My Soul Fast Journey 3

 Detoxing from Self-defeating Choices      Author, Cassandra Mack  ” Choose Life”  I absolutely love this workbook! I am in the 3rd section of the book: Fasting against counter-productive choices! I always thank God for being the supplier of all my needs, and He always delivers! Over the last couple of weeks, the word intentional… Continue reading My Soul Fast Journey 3

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From Gang Life to Jesus!

Say Hello to Ms. Ceci! Precious Testimonies #407 Ceci was the only child, born 10 years into her parents’ marriage. Around the age of 11 years old she started experimenting with marijuana and alcohol. In high school she became fascinated with gangs and fighting. At the tender age of 13, Ceci joined a gang and… Continue reading From Gang Life to Jesus!

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Soul Fast, The Heart

The Heart, Fasting from Toxic Emotions Author, Cassandra Mack I have to say; this workbook is exceeding my expectations! Not that I had doubts, I just didn’t realize the depths of its value! I am working in the Heart section, fasting from toxic emotions. This is so on time for my life right now, dealing… Continue reading Soul Fast, The Heart

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From Porn Star to Jesus!

Brittni's Story! Precious Testimonies #407 Meet Beautiful Brittni! Ms. Brittni shares her testimony of how she left the sex industry after making 100’s of adult films. Through her transparency she will share how she discovered the TRUTH of the industry and her experience of Real Love! Brittni’s life was forever changed after she was introduced to… Continue reading From Porn Star to Jesus!

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My Soul Fast Journey

The Mind, Fasting from Toxic Thinking Day 1-10 Author, Cassandra Mack “It’s not about what you’re eating, it’s about what’s eating you”…CM So far, I love everything about this workbook, especially the biblical principles! I started my Soul Fast journey last week and it’s been very beneficial to my days! “Everything that we take in… Continue reading My Soul Fast Journey

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From Heroin to Jesus!

Ms. Amby! Meet adorable Amby, who went from heroin to Jesus! Amby share her struggles with heroin addiction and alcohol use. Amby chose to share her testimony to provide hope to others who struggle with similar issues. There is hope in every situation. Amby started using drugs during her precious adolescent years, around 11 or… Continue reading From Heroin to Jesus!