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Meet Ms. Mack!

Cassandra Mack

Minister,Author, Speaker, Biblical Life Coach & Social Worker


As I grow through my journey, I always ask God to supply me with the right tools, resources and to connect me with the right people. Like always He delivers right on time! One day I came across Ms. Mack’s You Tube videos and it’s been on ever since!

Cassandra Mack has nearly 18 years of successful experience in helping others, from individuals to organizations. Ms. Mack is also the CEO of Strategies for Empowered Living Inc, and Founder of Kingdom Keys Ministries. AND….she hosts weekly church service by phone, delivering the Gospel ever so graciously!

Sunday Morning Power

Most of us have experienced toxic thoughts, emotions and even relationships in our lives. I’m especially interested in the “counter productive” choices portion of the workbook. I’m looking forward to working through that issue!

Ms. Mack has been on You Tube for nearly seven years and I have never came across her videos. It wasn’t until this moment of my journey is when God placed this anointed woman in my path. I have watched most of Minister Mack’s videos and has joined her Kingdom Keys Facebook group. Mack has really been an inspiration to me, I honestly think of her as my Mentor.

Ms. Mack has been so instrumental in my life through her videos, I’ve decided to purchase one of her books “The SOUL FAST Workbook”. I purchased this book, both the PDF and hard copy format back in Nov 2017. Honestly, it’s been on my shelf ever since, but now I’m ready!


“It’s Not About What You’re Eating It’s About What’s Eating You” …CM

I would like to invite you on a journey with me as I work my way through this life-changing book. Each week I will post about my experience of the workbook, beginning on Friday 2/9/18. Feel free to join me so we can discuss our experience!

If you are interested in purchasing her books, please go to her website at or on Amazon at

Ms. Mack is currently offering a “Soul Fast, Giving Up Negativity” challenge beginning on 2/14/18, during Lent season. She’s inviting you to join, please go to her website for more information,

Let’s do this, it’s time to be bondage free, start living in Freedom!



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  1. Thank You… I also believe Minister Mack is a Beautiful soul, which allows her to so easily transition into the Soul Fast. I love many things about Minister Mack but, what I like most is her ability to clearly and concisely break things down to help you understand the Passion behind the Christ Child and God our father. At her Sunday Kingdom Keys services, you feel like you are really in Church as in Brick & Mortar, however, as you sit in your Pajamas – you are talking to and listening to God using her as a vessel to hear his word. I love her ministry and it is growing in leaps and bounds and the best is yet to come… Thank you!

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