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I hope you are enjoying my personal testimony blogs, my hope is to inspire and encourage! I want to thank you for taking the time to read and comment, it’s really encouraging, and it keeps me going!

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Okay, I know I’m a Freshman on the scene in the blogging world LOL! But I have so much content, I feel can provide inspiration and hope!

Coming up next, I am starting a new series beginning next Tuesday 2/6/18 called “Precious Testimony Tuesdays”.

I have been graciously given permission to share the testimonials of others. I started by sharing my experience and I know there are some who can relate. However, I have not struggled with every single issue.

The Director of Precious Testimonies” Norm Rasmussen, has granted me permission to share the stories they offer in hopes to encourage others to seek help through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Every Tuesday I plan to post the precious testimony of an individual who overcame an issue, who was lead to Christ and now living a product life, while giving back!


Also, I’m working on content that I am going to begin developing next week. However, you will not see it until it’s complete!sneakyI am convinced that this too will provide motivation and encouragement in your life!

I’m so excited to share, so please don’t miss out, stay tuned!!!!



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  1. Amen I think it would be very much appreciated testimony Tuesday it’s so many out here have something’s to give but afraid to share them oh think no one cares as Shameful it might be everyone testimony is a pain pill for someone else.

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